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Bill Montecucco is one of the renowned criminal attorneys in Vancouver, Washington, with an excellent track record. Our attorney, Bill, helps his clients by reducing or eliminating jail time and reducing their criminal charges to a lesser offense. Our attorney’s knowledge of the local laws and connections with the prosecution office can help you get the best plea bargain.

How Long Will An Injury Claim Take To Settle?

The time it can take for a personal injury claim to settle depends on the specifics of your case. A driving accident claim can take close to 8 months, a workplace accident claims up to 9 months, and industrial disease claims 18 months on average. Consulting an experienced general practice law firm can help you receive a quick settlement or award.

How To File An Emotional Distress Claim In Vancouver, WA?

Those who wish to file a pain and suffering claim in Washington must bring their claim within three years of the accident. You must file it in the civil courts in the same county where your accident occurred.

How Long Can You Be Detained Without Charges In Washington State?

If you get arrested, the law enforcement officials will bring you into the county jail, take your fingerprints, photograph, and book you. They cannot hold you for more than 24 hours. You can ask to contact one of the personal injury attorneys before the booking process. 

When Can The State Suspend Or Revoke My Driver’s License? 

The Washington state can revoke or suspend the license of a driver for repeated traffic laws violations. The offenses that will lead to a license suspension include:

  1. Driving under the influence (DUI)
  2. Refusing to take a blood-alcohol test
  3. Driving without liability insurance
  4. Speeding and reckless driving
  5. Leaving the scene of an accident before the law enforcement official arrives, etc.

Speak to an attorney for criminal misdemeanors to help you avoid a conviction or license revocation.

What Are The Criminal Penalties For DUI Charges In Washington?

Penalties can range from jail time and probation to fines, depending on the severity of your DUI case and prior criminal history. If you have received a DUI charge before, the court will classify it as a gross misdemeanor and provide you with the maximum punishment of up to 364 days in jail and a fine of $5000.

Alternatively, if your DUI accident causes serious bodily injury or death to another person, the court will classify it as Class C Felony DUI and order prison time. The same goes for a previous conviction of vehicular assault, homicide, and four priors within the past ten years. If your BAC was higher, hire a skilled traffic violations attorney to reduce penalties and prevent harsher sentences.

Is DUI A Felony In Washington State?

A Washington State DUI generally falls under a gross misdemeanor. It can become a felony if:

  • The driver shows four or more prior DUI offenses within 10 years.
  • The driver has a previous DUI conviction
  • The driver has a previous conviction for vehicular assault or homicide

Your search for the top eviction lawyers nearby ends here. Bill Montecucco is one of the seasoned and highly successful criminal attorneys in Vancouver, Washington, with several positive reviews and two decades of experience. Bill can dismiss your charge or reduce your jail time and help you prevent tough penalties. Call us at 360-735-8555 to schedule a free consultation.  

Attorneys Vancouver Washington