Many people will not need to hire an attorney often in their lifetime. Even if you have hired a lawyer for business purposes, a divorce, or a real estate transaction, hiring a probate attorney in Chula Vista will be a different experience.

Some aspects are always the same when you hire an attorney. However, to fully understand everything going on with probate, you will want to have someone who knows how to navigate the process. Probate lawyers are there to create a relationship that allows you to have all your bases covered with all the complexities of probate.

Who Handles What?

Once you start to wind up an estate, you tend to have a lot of legwork to cover. A probate litigation attorney understands all the documents you must gather and phone calls that must be made. A lot of these tasks may not have to be done by someone with a law degree, but you must understand how everything works. Even if you hire a probate lawyer, you may also want to take on some of the menial tasks on your own.

When it comes to handling stuff on your own to work in tandem with your probate attorney in Chula Vista, always know who will be tackling tasks like:

  • Ordering the death certificates
  • Filing the will through the local probate court
  • Gathering appraisals for valuable property
  • Filing the final income tax return of the deceased

Remember, most lawyers tend to be more flexible than in the past regarding unbundled services or limited representation. Some agree to limited services rather than taking on all responsibility for each step of the probate case. However, they are there to field any questions or address issues throughout the probate process.

Several other advantages come from hiring probate court attorneys, such as:

  • Important Dates – Lawyers can ensure you have all crucial deadlines covered. This may include the deadline for submitting formal claims, when the last probate hearing is scheduled, and more.
  • Creditors and Beneficiaries – Should everyone get along throughout the process, you may not have needed an attorney. However, you will find that having a trusted probate law firm in your corner can make all of the contact with beneficiaries and creditors a lot easier.
  • Advice – Getting sound legal advice as you move along is very helpful when dealing with probate. Because state laws often require you to keep a probate case open for a period to allow everyone time to come forward with claims or disputes, the lawyer is handy for ensuring you get everything done as it should without mistakenly cutting corners.

Many people worry about the cost of a probate attorney in Chula Vista and wonder whether or not it is worth it. It is best to confer with a firm to learn about rates and remember that the benefits far outweigh the cost when you have peace of mind that everything should move along smoothly. Call us at Broaden Law LLP to learn more and have a free legal consultation today at (619) 567-6845.

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