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Exactly what kind of legal services do you offer?

Charlotte Legal Services, Inc., offers  membership in its CLS, Inc. Pre-paid Legal Services Plan (84 PPLS,  registered with the North Carolina State Bar.  Registration with the  State Bar does not constitute approval by the North Carolina State Bar).   As Plan members’ lives progress, they may realize a need for legal  documents.  Those documents are described at the bottom left on the  “About CLS” page.  Each legal document is prepared by one of CLS, Inc.’s  experienced, licensed, North Carolina attorneys.

How long does it take to prepare my documents?

Once a Plan member has called for access to one  of CLS, Inc.’s experienced, licensed, North Carolina attorneys, and an  appointment has been set, the data necessary for the attorney to prepare  the document(s) typically takes less than an hour.

Is the information I provide you with secure?

All of the information you provide is secure and private.


What is the advantage of pre-paid legal services over hiring an attorney or downloading the documents on-line?

The CLS Inc.’s Pre-paid Legal Services Plan  provides services to its members at reduced costs and discounted rates  under those customarily charged by attorneys in private and corporate  practices.  Do-it-Yourself kits can be less expensive than CLS, Inc.’s  Pre-paid Legal Services Plan, however they can also be risky.  In the  event that your circumstances are not addressed or addressed fully, or  if certain issues go unanswered and if appropriate signatures are not  obtained, the legitimacy of your documents could be compromised.  CLS,  Inc.’s Plan members also have access to an experienced, licensed, North  Carolina attorney in case of need, such access being included in Plan  membership.

What are your rates?

Our rates are listed and provided to CLS, Inc.’s  Pre-paid Legal Services Plan members so that the member knows in  advance the cost of any service he or she may select.