Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney & Attorney Fees, etc.

Title/Description Price
Last Will and Testament
Free Children’s Trust
$145 each
6 Month one time membership
(Pre-Paid Legal Services-In advance of a need) Includes free
changes for 6 months and one hour of attorney time.
Discounted rates of $175 per hour of attorney time after free
membership hour.
$15 each
Durable Power of Attorney $110 each
Durable Power of Attorney Filing Fee $60 each
Revoke previous Durable Powers of Attorney $35 each
Revocable & Irrevocable Living Trusts $485
Certification of Trust $175
Tax Certification $65
Amend Trust To Living Trust $150
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust $485
Special Needs Trusts $150 each
Healthcare Powers of Attorney
Includes medical directives
$110 each
Living Wills $105 each
Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements $150
Medical Directives $25 each
Medical Authorization For Minors $20 each
Deed Preparation $175 each
Lady Bird Deed $250 each
Deed Search $40 each
Final Family Directives $89

Notary and Witness Fees

Title/description Price
In-Home or Office Notary Visits $75
Witness (each) $35
Credit Card Charges
All charges made with credit or debit cards will incur a 3% additional charge.
Final  Family Directive 

(This can be sent as a hard copy or email)

When a person dies, the designated Executor becomes responsible for closing out the estate.  When this occurs, there are numerous family and legal issues and their accompanying details.  These tasks must be acted upon promptly and in a specific legal order; they require unwavering attention to detail.
This guide helps you to do that effortlessly during your grieving process.  This guide walks you through every intricate detail that needs to be addressed.
This guide includes:
Your detailed funeral wishes.
The thorough inventory of your estate.
This guide also includes your Executor’s step-by-step directive through the entire probate process.

Prices may change without notice.